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How To Make a Rhodes Piano From Scratch in Serum

Today we will be making an RnB/Pluggnb Rhodes Preset in Serum from Scratch!

(In less than 60 seconds)

1.) First, Load “Basic Shapes” in both Osc A +B then pitch them up +1 octave

2.) Next, Adjust the detune and blend knobs to taste then click “FM from B” on the bottom of Osc A then set it to 27%.

(As shown in image above)

3.) Increase unison to 3 on Osc B then bring down the levels to blend the signals then draw a envelope shape similar as mine

Pro Tip: Adding a subtle 1/64 Delay on serum creates a cool stereo imaging effect

4.) Finally, Add FX then route LFO 1 on the pan knob Osc A (1/4 Note) & you’re done ✅

Hope you found this helpful & learned something new!


All Blu

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