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How to make Beautiful Pluggnb Chord Progressions

Writing captivating chord progressions is one of the most essential skills for music producers. The chords in the "pluggnb" genre is closely inspired by genres such as gospel, jazz, and rnb/soul.

In this blog post, we will explore advanced tips for writing beautiful gospel, jazzy, pluggnb chord progressions. (read till the end for instant chords)

1.) Experiment with Chord Substitutions

In gospel, jazz, and pluggnb music, chord substitutions can be used to add depth and complexity to chord progressions. For example, a dominant 7th chord can be substituted with a diminished chord or a dominant 9th chord. Experiment with different substitutions to create interesting chord progressions that sound fresh and unique.

2.)Use Modal Interchange

Modal interchange is a technique that involves borrowing chords from a parallel key. For example, in the key of C major, you could borrow chords from C minor to add some variety and interest to the chord progression. Experiment with modal interchange to create unexpected chord progressions that sound beautiful and unique.

3.)Add Passing Chords

Passing chords are chords that connect two other chords in a progression. They can be used to create smooth transitions between chords and add interest to the progression. For example, you could add a passing chord between a I chord and a IV chord to create a smoother transition.

4.)Experiment with Rhythm

The rhythm of a chord progression can have a big impact on the overall feel of the music. Experiment with different rhythms to create interesting and unique chord progressions. For example, you could use syncopation to create a more upbeat and energetic feel.

5.)Use Suspended Chords

Suspended chords are chords that replace the third with a fourth or a second. They can be used to create a sense of tension and release in a chord progression. For example, you could use a suspended chord instead of a major chord to create a more open and airy sound.

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In conclusion, writing beautiful gospel, jazzy, and pluggnb chord progressions requires experimentation and creativity.

Using chord substitutions, modal interchange, passing chords, rhythm, and suspended chords, you can create unique and interesting chord progressions that will take your music to the next level. Remember to always experiment and try new things to keep your chord progressions fresh and exciting.

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