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Neo Soul Stash Kit
  • Neo Soul Stash Kit


    Neo Soul Stash Kit

    11 Live Drum Loops (¾ time

    70+ HQ One Shots


    Hi-Hats: 18

    Kicks: 10

    Snares + Claps: 15

    Percs: 15

    FX: 7

    Fills: 5


    Unleash your creativity with the sublime versatility of the Neo Soul Stash Kit. Embrace its ability to seamlessly transition between sultry, laid-back grooves and vibrant, energetic rhythms. Whether you're exploring the depths of classic soul, jazz-fusion, or even 90s/2000s R&B, this drum kit effortlessly adapts to the unique nuances of each genre, providing an unrivaled platform for your musical expression.

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